Architac is a game based around gathering resources and creating buildings to both help you collect resources faster and reach new areas to find more things. We are aiming for a fun, casual experience that is enjoyable for all and allows the player to choose how they wish to tackle their objective.
Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint and C++)
Planning Realease Data: March 13, 2020
Email: contact@squishfishgames.com
Website: http://squishfishgames.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/squishfishgames/

Use tool to collect resources

Combat system and squid AI

Bird AI

Bird Feeder

My Contributions

I wroked as a gameplay programmer in SquishFishGames to develop Architac. Architac (old name: Island Venture) was chosen as one of the graduation projects out of 12 prototypes. And I was one of the prototype members so that I implemented a lot of base classes and components as the foundation of this game. Right now, I was focusing on the creature AI to let players have more fun interactions with them. Since our team was a small team, I would also do some modeling, animating and technical artist related jobs.

  • Designed and abstracted critical base classes according to the game design document.
  • Built a weapon-based melee combat system between the player and creatures.
  • Developed an enemy AI system including patrolling(3D pathfinding), routing(blackboard, behavior tree), and attacking.
  • Created a highly reusable inventory component supporting picking, transferring, and using items.