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Languages: C/C++, glsl/hlsl, C#, LUA, Python
Tools: Unreal Engine, OpenGL, Git, Perforce, Jira / Trello
Professional skills: Game Engine development, Computer graphics, Graphics API (OpenGL, Vulkan, DX11/12)


Engine Programmer
LightSpeed Tech Centre | 01/2021 to present
Tencent – ShenZhen

  • NextGen Landscape system development.
  • GPU-Driven-pipeline development.
  • Skeletal mesh pipeline optimization development.
  • Generic Unreal Engine development including graphics pipeline profiling and optimization on Mobile/PC platform, bug fix, engine upgrade, etc.

Gameplay Programmer Intern
Fortnite | Unreal C++ | 06/2020 to 12/2020
Epic Games – Utah

  • Implemented gameplay features in the Battle Pass team.
  • Worked with Artist to optimize Cosmetic item definitions.
  • Fixed bugs about UI, Cosmetic Items, Quests and log spam.
  • Helped with fixing asset sync load issues to prevent hitching.

Network Gameplay Engineer | Unity3D | Network |
VR Trauma unit simulator | 05/2019 to 05/2020
The Gapp Lab – Utah

  • Accomplished a 1-3 player room-based networking system. Supported synchronizations in patient behaviors, vital signs, and player interactions including passing tools and voice chat.
  • Implemented VR interactions of medical tools such as using a stethoscope to check breathing and managing patient behavior according to various scenarios and applied treatments.

VR Gameplay Engineer | Unity3D | VR Trainer for autism children | 10/2017 to 07/2018
AIMtech Centre At CityU – Hong Kong

  • Designed and implemented six scenarios with various VR interactions, including pose recognition and hand-based VR mini-games such as shooting basketballs and solving simple puzzles.
  • Constructed decision-trees to handle NPCs and environment behaviors.
  • Generated graphs after training to help analysts study the results.

Research Project

Island Venture | Gameplay Engineer | Unreal | 3D exploration building game | 2019

  • Created an inventory component supporting picking up, transferring, using, and throwing items.
  • Built a combat system including damageable interface and character animation blend trees.
  • Developed an enemy AI system including patrolling, routing and attacking.

Strange Creatures | Gameplay Engineer | Unreal | Network | 3D COOP-puzzle game | 2019

  • Worked with designers and implemented character mechanisms including physic body deforming.
  • Synchronized player movements, special abilities and level puzzles.
  • Implemented multi-player interactions such as pushing and dragging other players.

Ready? Set. Haiya! |Gameplay Engineer | Unity3D | Alt-control fighting rhythm game | 2018

  • Designed the core game loop and generated new ideas with designers.
  • Developed the music gameplay, including beat generation, beat matching, and combo counting using data-driven techniques.
  • Created character animator blenders to let characters behave differently in offense or defense mode according to the music data.

Game Engines | C++ | 2018-2019

  • Designed a multi-platform independent interface for engine users.
  • Implemented transformations among different spaces using matrices.
  • Used LUA to read human-readable geometry and effect files and build it to a binary format to reduce loading time during run-time.
  • Created a custom memory allocator supporting garbage collection.
  • Implemented an Unreal-like input system by using dynamic delegate functions binding.


City University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT
Game and Animation Game Engineer in EAE: Master Game Studio
Bachelor of Science | Graduated 2018 Master of Science | Graduated 2020


  • Unity Certified Developer

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