TraumaXR is a VR multi-user process-based ATLS simulation for Surgeons and Nurses that allows Remote Operator to manage / create modular scenario.

  • Platform: 1PC, 2 Oculus Quest(Android Environment)
  • Engine: Unity3D
  • Target Demographic: Surgeons and Nurses
  • Unique Selling Points: Immersive environment, Multi-player, Remote operator

My Contribution

I am a gameplay engineer in this project, mainly working on VR interaections and network synchronization among three players.

  • Implemented 10+ VR tools and related hand / pose interactions.
  • Constructed patient behavior trees according to design documents, such as airwave handler and obstruction handler.
  • Synced all players’ and tools’ movement, patient’s behavior among players.
  • Handled vitals transmission and interpolation.
  • Implement multi-player interactions, like passing tools and perform operations together
  • Designed and created the verbal command UI and involved events.


Checking the eye dilation

Surgeon is passing the penlight to the nurse to check the eye dilation.

Remove the obstruction

Open the mouth and clear the obstruction from the throat.

Player cooperation

Surgeon and Nurse is cooperating with each other to perform Cricothyriodtomy.

Using alternative verbal commands to ask the patient to move arm

The surgeon is using verbal commands to ask the patient to move arm.
The nurse is using ultra sound to check the chest situation.