Taking gameplay inspirations from the Ms. Pac-Man port to the Sega Genesis where it allowed both players to play simultaneously in COOP Collecting  Dead by Daylight style laying traps. The players as the Yeti and Big Foot work together to Set traps for local skiers (Ski Bois) and devour them. The trap will also trap players themlves.

Set Trap and eat the little Ski Boys

My Contribution
(Click on the picture to see clearer Blue print image)

1. Local Spilt screen and create two player and enable Xbox controller.

This is the BluePrint capture of BP_GameModel. It controls spawning two character, and returning error when there is not enough controller connected. It also handles the whole game loop, camera shake, and blook effects.

2. Player movement and trap stuffs. I create a PlayerBase blur print to be easily inherited by any other different character, like Yeti and BigFoot and the huge ski father.

This is the Blurprint capture of BP_CharacterBase

3. Ski boy AI. Patrol around, run away, spawning in random place, going back home when it is time to go home.

This is the Blueprint Capture of BP_SkiCharacter.
It includes all AI controlling. I used PawnSensing to sense the player, also it supported noise detecting. When the player was exposed inside the sight of ski boy, the ski boy would run away or they would patrol around the whole world, like sking. After they ran away from the player, they would go back to sking again.

Gameplay Video and Controller Graph