Experimental Theme : Saccharin


This theme is too hard to implement in emotion way, so I directly use the chemical formula of Saccharin to make this game.

The core idea is to change coke to diet coke by eliminating the sugar molecules in coke.

Drop into the water
Disolving the molecules

Player acts as a molecules destroyer, aiming to destroy all critical parts of each sugar molecules so that none sugar molecules comes outside.

GitHub Link: https://github.com/BosonHBC/Exp5.TwinStickShooter
C# / Unity3D

My Contribution

This is a solo project, so I implemented all functions.

In this theme, I was trying to focus on the particle effect and the post-processing effect to simulating a under coke environment.

How the envitonment looks like, a half bottle.

The red effect was created by color-grading in PP (Post-Processing).
Also I have tried so hard in adjusting the color of the water, the light intensigy and the bloom intensity to make sure that it was red enough and not so bright that player could not see anything.

The place trigger for checking status of player

The logic of changing status between on top of water and the under water was pretty simple. When the player leaves (OnTriggerExit) the plane trigger, calculating the position distance between the trigger object and the player. If the distance is negative, player is on top of the water, then switch of the PP, animation and other stuffs. Otherwise, turn those functions on.

Gameplay Video