The night shift is a VR (Microsoft Mixed Reality) sandbox puzzle solving game. In this game, the player should use objects in the room to cut the steel body and hide them in certain spots which are initially invisible and visible after being pointed by flash light.

Use Axe to cut body
Use Flash Light to see invisible object

GitHub Link:
C# / Unity3D / Mircosoft Mixed-Reality Toolkit

My Contribution:

I built and tested the environment of Mixed Reality Headset. It came from Microsoft and according to what they said, this headset was a very latest MR equipment. So we were kind of experimenting how to use the toolkit, which consumed a lot of time. But we figured out the so call Mixed Reality was not MR, it was a very bad VR headset, which was a secondary headset comparing to Oculus VR.

Process to make sure toolkit works in computer
  1. The flash light, volumetric spot light function. There is a visual cue about the spot light body.
  2. Hidden objects, only when the light hit the hidden object, the object displays and attached functions are available.
  3. Spring joint bodies. I separated the whole body into six parts. Each limb would connect to body by using spring joint component. And each part has its own physical effects.
  4. Cut body apart. There is a trigger in each intersection of two limbs. When the axe touches the trigger, the spring joint will be disable and limbs will be tear apart.
  5. Small interaction. Enable objects when the container goes to correct interaction spot.
  6. Scene optimization. Modify the colliders and properties of different objects to make the scene better. Also I adjust the baking light setting to make the environment look better.

Gameplay Video and Screen Shot