Experimental Theme : Gluttony

When I was doing research about this topic, I was being grossed out by a footage of a movie. It was an eating competition, and when the main character cannot eat more, he started to puke. It was so grossed that other competitor started to puke too. The whole scene amazed me a lot. Then I made my game about eating, puking and shitting.

Vomit and Shiting

In my game, the man wants to eat hamburgers. His neck will become longer and weight will increase when having a hamburgers. When the neck becomes longer, he cannot stand still so he may fall down. When he falls down, he is going to shit, which will decrease the weight and his length of the neck.

The final goal of the game is to get the maximum weight bigger. The man can puke to add an opposite force to the direction he is looking at to keep balance.

Github Link: https://github.com/BosonHBC/Exp4.Gluttony
C# / Unity3D

My Contribution

This is a solo project, so I implemented all functions of this game.

Tricky part in this game : Neck manipulation

Necks of this character were dynamically generated or destroyed. Each neck body contained a Spring Joint component and Box Collider to constrain the movement of related necks, head and body. It might look like a normal joint but it was not.

The Follow two functions controlled the height of necks. It would Instantiate a new neck on top of the lask neck, with a very small y scale.
The CleanLastNeck function removed the last neck; Cleaned its data of itself and remove itself from the neck list.

Gameplay Video and Screen shot

Puke and Shit