Link to proposal:

Summary of works:

  • Add a static library project and set up reference
  • Add core structs, classes, enum to help define input
  • Add base delegate class and binding function
  • Add Update function to iterate through binding map
  • Test 3 main functions: OnPress, OnRelease, OnHold

Core structures:

Advanced User Input struct:

Action Binding:

Input Type:

Basic usage:

Create User input from data, but not implemented yet

Bind Action name to the input

User function. Right now, it only supports static function with no input and no return type

Test result:

Only OnPress and OnHold work, I did not know why OnRelease did not work, which need more time to fix.

Next week:

  • Add data table for input
  • Add handle for Advanced User Input struct
  • Fix OnRelease
  • Add more event
  • Add Bind Axis function
  • Add delegate function with a float parameter (from -1 to 1) as input