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This assignment asked us to export maya model to our own file style.

Show at least one screenshot of your game running

I can not make the depth buffering work because of no reason. I have checked that the m_bits in the static render state is non-zero. And I bind the render state every draw-call. The drawing order is still according to the way I imported.

Tell us what references you had to add to the MayaGeometryExporter project

0 reference.

Tell us what other projects depend on MayaGeometryExporter

0 project.

Tell us whether you exported the unused data (i.e. normals, tangents, bitangents) to your human-readable file or not. Explain why.

I did not export because in a way these data are not human readable, and it is not useful for our current geometry data.

Show a screenshot of you debugging your plug-in

Tell us what happens if you try to load a model with too many vertices. Your code should gracefully handle this rather than crash or render something incorrectly.

During loading vertices through lua to engine. The vertices type is uint16_t type. If the vertices count is larger than 65535 it will overflow and causing problem.