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This project required us to use LUA to load geometries data to our game and use cHandle to handle, cManager to manage (Load / Query / Release) those assets.

The advantages of having human-readable asset files

It is easy for content creator to modify the data when update is required. Even when debugging with those assets, it will be convenient because developers do not need to re-compile the whole project again and test the project with different input data.

Screen shots

My second geometry file
New Geometry Shape
Debugging Build Geometry
Command line in exe command line

Describe why you made the design choices that you did. In particular, help your readers to understand what you did to make the file readable and understandable for a human.

Vertexes are the data of vertexes, indices are the data of indices. The order of vertexes doesn’t matter, because vertexes can be unordered and the drawing order is decided by indices. Indices decide the drawing order of vertexes.