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Questions From JP:

Tell us which projects needed to add a reference to the new Graphics project.

I added 10 references by checking all cpp files in Graphics project which #include other projects.
Did you find any projects whose code mentioned the Graphics namespace, but didn’t need a reference added?

Shader build project doesn’t need the reference of Graphic project. Because what it requires are only in header file or we can say everything it need are defined in header file.

Discuss briefly your expectations of the class based on the first lecture and what you know so far, and tell us what you hope to learn from it

I knew I should submit assignment on time. I should not cheat. I hope I can learn some useful knowledge about engine structure.

About Assignment one:

To be honest, this assignment has taken tons of my time to finish. I might spend more time than I finished the Joe’s final on Engineering I. I learnt a lot of new stuffs about programing, Visual Studio. Before this assignment, I was not so familiar with the linkage, dependency etc. in visual studio. After the reading, I knew more about how to set up a project that requires a lot of reference from other projects and link them together. After I learned a lot of useful marcos and combined them together to form a correct path.

I followed the instruction in canvas to do the reference set up and I succeeded in build the project at the end. But I still have confusion between “adding project reference” and “adding Additional include Directories in Properties-> C/C++”. For example, even after I add all required project’s reference to Graphic project (around 10 projects), the complier still claims that they cannot find the header files, but I add the $(SolutionDir) to the additional include directories, the complier can find it. And now when I want to test it, and I remove some of the reference (Asset, Concurrency), rebuild the Graphic, the build still worked, which is irrational.

Additionally, I also learned how a visual studio project composed and what’s the information means inside vcxproj, filters file means.