This application is a small game, which requires players to act like a cow boy, shooting the ghost with the gun.

My Contribution:

This was a solo Kinect Interactive application. I finished all stuffs alone. This basically relied on the motion recognition of Kinect.  When matching a certain gesture, doing the certain thing.


In cow boy’s world, people will only have a battle when it is high noon. The reason is that this time is the fairest time because the sunlight will not hurt any of their eyes.

The player should right hand up to wait for high noon. When it is high noon, the sound will remind you to start the battle. You will wear like a cowboy. Use the gun to kill the lousy ghost coming from left. Right hand up to shoot, this can help you increase the accuracy. When bullet runs out, you can close two hands to reload.

The target is to kill bad ghosts with red body and bad smile. Don’t let the red guy come to the right side, or it will hurt you, and your HP will drop down. When HP drops down to 0, game over, show your score. When hit bad ghosts, add scores, but hit good ghosts, reduce scores.

The ghost will get crazy when you killed them 5 or more.